It’s Wednesday today.. Which mean HALFWAY and only 2 days left for the weekend, if you dont go to Distortion. We have send Camilla to Distortion -see you maybe?

We opened our pop-up shop last Friday in Højkant and have made goodiebags for the first twenty, buying AGURK in the store (You can find information about the shop right here). We are well aware that we are proud of the content and those who already received a goodiebag have been equally enthusiastic.


We have decided that our goodiebags must contain organic products as we are fighting for sustainable production. We have a sustainable profile as we use GOTS certified cotton in our jersy styles while making reversible styles that give the garment a multifunctional feature that extends the life and usability of our collections.

Below we have listed the different brands you can find in your goodiebag:
Ecooking (eco skinproducts), Happy Juicery (eco cold pressed juice), Raw Snacks (eco rawbars), Ilse Jacobsen (mini scented lights), AGURK (scrounges or totebag). 
The first brand which you can find in your goodiebag is products from Ecooking. Ecooking is an ecological beauty brand made up of simple ointments, oils, serums and creams that can remedy everything from fine lines, dry skin, wounds and acne to give the skin a new life. The quality series is based on the owner’s own ideal not to compromise. And that’s why they are so effective. We have tried the products and especially the Multibalm ointment is a hit for both lips, dry skin and eczema as it both moisturises and healing.

Happy juicery
Happy Juicery is a small juicer company located in Vejle, established in 2016 by Anne Louise Korskilde. Anne Louise has had a great passion for health and wellbeing for many years and the dream of serving healthy and healing vitamins to people have always followed her. All juices are made from 100% vegetables and fruits. They are in favor of sustainability and would like to use the pulp for different bakeries, where the rest is delivered to pigs feed daily. If you live in Vejle or drive by, we differently recommend to go visit Happy Juicery. This little store is filled with good energy, lots of smiles and serve the world’s best juices made right behind the counter. And just a little bonus info, the juices can help prevent disease, boost energy, joy in life and good health!

Raw snacks
In the goodiebag we have of course also made sure you get a little snack. Here you will find Raw Snack’s brand new variety of beetroot, which really tastes great! (Shh..we already have probation).
Raw Snacks are 100% organic and inspired by Raw Foods principles. All products are gluten-free and made from fresh quality ingredients that are carefully composed to provide a high energy content and the best nutrition. There are no added sugars, e-numbers, endangered species or preservatives in the barrels – all of them are 100% organic nuclear power, like both nature and your body loves it.

Ilse Jacobsen
Our partner Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk, has also chosen to spoil you. Therefore, she has sponsored the finest and fragrant mini scented candles from Ilse Jacobsen spa and beauty series, which is a full range of body care products. The series is based on Ilses personal preferences with the aim of making products of the highest quality and free of parabens. Enjoy the opportunity to create your own spa atmosphere at home and indulge in either de-stress mint, calming rose or spa relaxation. The scented candles are a big hit!

Of course we have added a small item in your goodiebag so you can look nice with AGURK. We hope you will be happy with your goodiebag and give yourself lots of energy to your body. If you didn’t get it yet, you still have the chance. There are still goodiebags left in the store.