The SS17 AGURK collection takes inspiration in the story of King Christian VIII and his first wife and king mother, Charlotte Frederikke. They were married for a short period in the early 1800s, but the relationship between them was unique and unconventional in relation to their time. Christian VIII and Charlotte Frederikke were both very energetic and playful. Especially Charlotte Frederikke was lively as she never had strict educators, and she did what she wanted with no care for formalities at all. The tone at court was stiff and tradition-bound, and she did her best to change that. Charlotte Frederikke found friends among the servants and dressed in flashy clothes.

The spirit of Charlotte Frederikke is used in the AGURK collection as a muse for a colorful universe with feminine details, inspired by royal decorations. Charlotte Frederikke was a flower child of her time. She was a power woman who was very interested in the ideas that took their origin in the French Revolution, way ahead of her time. She was captivated by the idea of the individual’s freedom at a time of absolute monarchy assertion of the hierarchical society. Charlotte Frederikke was King mother of the future King Frederik VII, who she called Frits. The marriage of Charlotte Frederikke and Christian VIII ended up in separation and divorce, only four years after they got married. Their relationship was tenderly and loving, but none of them could stick to one person. The Lively collection is associated with pleasure and royal streetwear rooted in a notion of colorful liberalism.