The Funfair collection takes inspiration from a Danish tivoli. A Danish tivoli has three characters who are a part of a play; Harlekin, Pjerrot and Colombine.
The characters origine from the Italian mask comedy, La Commedia Dell’arte, which was about making fun of the nobility and the rulers. The story and the characters have developed over the last 500 years and today the mask comedy is a refined version about love.
La Commedia Dell’arte of AGURK is about entertaining and engaging. First of all we wanted to capture the atmosfeare of a tivoli. A free space, on a warm summer day. Playful minds, letting out their inner child. The Funfair takes you back to a place that let you loose your self-control.
The muse for the print story is an old-fashion slot machine. The machine has three or more wheels that rotate when a button is pressed. The machine pays winnings according to the symbols visible on the front of the machine when the wheels stop. This kind of maschine is build on an illusion and luck. The dream of winning is bigger than reality, and the dream of one day, in a mirage like this, is a day at the Funfair. The Funfair is a phenomenon of a bubble that only contains happiness and amusement.