Do you know that feeling when days just disappear between the hands of you?.  We are already halfway through the week and we have a deadline for our ss18 collection samples today😳😅.
It needs to be addressed and sent back to our suppliers so it can be sewn up in the right colors and patterns. We are really looking forward to see the result! The problem is just that the days are too short​​… W
e have been very pleased with our ss18 collection so far and we can reveal that pink is our favourite color 😍🌺. The collection is provided with cool prints and styles that are both colorful but also subdued. Our ss18 collection can be mixed crosswise with both AGURK and old styles from your wardrobe.

Monday we are going to Copenhagen having a meeting with our business angel Ilse Jacobsen, where we will plan the rest of 2017. It will be exciting to hear what she has to say and hear her thoughts and ideas. We have a lot of fun thoughts that we look forward to sharing with her. We have had Ilse as a partner for over a year now. Thats so crazy and we are so happy about all her support! She has helped us a lot and paved the way so our little AGURK baby has been allowed to grow in this big world. 

We have so much to look forward to and we can’t wait to share it with you!
Sunshinekisses 💋.