We actually didn’t put a lot of thought into defying our name. It suddenly occurred to us, that our name was AGURK. It came after a brain-storm where we went around a couple of names. 

Could you for instant imagine AGURK being called “Qvibes”?


The name AGURK originates from the danish saying “to go AGURK (cucumber)” which means to “go bananas”. That matches what we’re doing when we’re creating our collections.

To “Go Agurk” means to drop every part of self control, in which we like to transfer to us getting out of our comfort zone.

As a designer getting out of you comfort zone is essential. You have to be able to experience and creating things without knowing how they will turn out.

 AGURK is a creative design business, that with an innovative sustainable profile designs feminine streetwear to the urban woman. AGURK is down to earth, humorous and danish. We have a transparency in our designproces. We wish to invite the world into our AGURK universe, to tell and show the story behind the development of a collection.

With visibility in the open designprocess, we want to create insight and storytelling. The story strengthens  and creates a relation between AGURK and the consumers. We value storytelling instead of just following a trend.

 The silhouettes and prints are the most important elements in AGURKs design DNA. This is where we play and are experimenting. The silhouettes are an important part of a piece of clothing, and this is the place where we really can make the design our own. We find a lot of inspiration in the 80’s streetstyle universe and the happy and colorful details.
Another important element is our print. The print is a carrying element in the collections, and gives the print it’s own story and it’s own expression.

The overall AGURK look is a combination of feminine details put together with a raw streetwear universe, which gives AGURK its character and the term ‘Feminine Streetwear’.