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Vi tager desværre ikke praktikanter ind på nuværende tidspunkt.

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Whats Inside?


It’s Wednesday today.. Which mean HALFWAY and only 2 days left for the weekend, if you dont go to Distortion. We have send Camilla to Distortion -see you maybe?

We opened our pop-up shop last Friday in Højkant and have made goodiebags for the first twenty, buying AGURK in the store (You can find information about the shop right here). […]

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How far are we willing to go?

As we are on our way home to Aarhus, we can conclude that this trip teached us a lot. First of all it was so worthful to have a Polish agent, as we simply would not have been able to communicate with some of the owners and directors of the factories. She fixed all our […]

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Copenhagen fashion week has been a wild and exciting experience. The day after Flavors Inspire we had a meeting with the blogger Marie Myrhøj from For a while we have been in love in her colorful, funky and personal blog that match perfectly with our colorful and humorous AGURK universe. We are obviously not the only […]

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Illusion is the First Pleasure

Welcome to the universe of AGURK. This blog is meant as inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm for design process in all its shades. We do not want a polished filter. We are going to be completely honest. This is our journey from illusion to reality. We want to use the blog as a kind of behind […]

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