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AGURK on tour! We are going to Germany

More specifically we are going to Berlin and Hamburg next week. Berlin is known for many things including their underground communities and beautiful street art. So we believe that AGURK oversize silhouettes, loose fit and humorous prints is synonym with the streets of Berlin and Hamburg.

As we mentioned in our previous post we made a long […]

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The A Team

HALLO! We are the lovers and designers behind AGURK.
We have assembled an interview where you can read more about us as designers.




I am very imaginative and like to try out new ideas and methods when I am designing. I am attracted to designs with an edge and a […]

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How far are we willing to go?

As we are on our way home to Aarhus, we can conclude that this trip teached us a lot. First of all it was so worthful to have a Polish agent, as we simply would not have been able to communicate with some of the owners and directors of the factories. She fixed all our […]

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Around the negotiating table!

Okay. So this is it. We are in Poland to collect production prices, and the final AGURK collection is getting closer becoming a reality! What has been a dream and a fatamorgana for us for such a long time is now getting real. We have lived in our own little world at TEKO and have […]

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We are going to Poland!

We have been back at the AGURK Studio this week and it has been a hectic week with many TO DO’s….. Tomorrow we leave our lovely studio again. This time we are going to visit POLAND. We are so excited as we have never been there before and it is our first time to negotiate […]

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Copenhagen fashion week has been a wild and exciting experience. The day after Flavors Inspire we had a meeting with the blogger Marie Myrhøj from For a while we have been in love in her colorful, funky and personal blog that match perfectly with our colorful and humorous AGURK universe. We are obviously not the only […]

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We have been out of the studio this week and moved the lovers of AGURK and our collections to Copenhagen Fashion Week. We were honored to participate in Flavors Inspire’s event Tuesday night at Nikolaj Kunsthal in central Copenhagen. The digital event was inspired by the New York fashion tech and the developments of social […]

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