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SS16 Print Development

We work with stories as inspiration when we design. To read about the entire story behind the spring/summer 16 collection go to the New Collection post here

Color card development


To us the print in a collection is a strong way of communicating a story for everyone to interpret and continue. This is why we love to work […]

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SS16 Silhouettes & lineup

Our Spring/Summer collection is out in the stores now and we are excited to share the design process behind it with you guys. We have told you about the story behind it and how we created it -read it here New Collection. Keep them coming! and this time we will tell you about how […]

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New collection. Keep them coming!

To many people January is a month that can seem like 31 days of hangover. Moral hangover from an incredibly drunk New Year’s Eve, from a way too pricy X-mas, or actual hangover from a huge sugar withdrawal headache due to a New Year’s resolution of a skinnier 2016.

To us, the first two weeks of […]

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2015 Lowlights

In the past blog post we had a lot of highlights from 2015. But as we intend to give you the other side of the medal so to speak, we also want to share some of the most disappointing things from 2015 with you.

It is no secret at the previous year has been very tough […]

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2015 HIGHLIGHTS – cuffing it up! Front side of the coin

So 2015 is over, and the Danish winter is raging outside. Without sounding too moving the fashion season autumn/winter 2015 has almost finished and the leftovers from the whole fashion industry are on sale at the moment. This means that we can look back at the first season of AGURK and the past year in […]

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Ready to Rock

Recently we have been so busy, so finally we are ready to tell you a little bit about how AGURK is doing!

Last month we went to Poland to approve samples for the spring/summer collection. Once again our agent and production did a great job and the samples looked beyond good! There are always corrections on […]

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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner!


REVOLVER FASHION FAIR 05.08.15 – 07.08.15


It is almost three weeks since we attended the first fashion fair in the history of AGURK. We were at Revolver/Copenhagen, showing our new spring/summer ’16 collection. We had SO high expectations and they were probably impossible to fulfil no matter what. We came with our heads up […]

Our Tripping Journey (5/5)

Hello dear followers at our AGURK behind the scenes blog! :-*
Our tripping journey has now come to an end. This is no. 5 and the last episode in a serie of 5 articles about our AW15 Tripping Collection. We are SO exited to announce that all of you are able to buy AGURK AW15 in selected […]

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You think BIG you get BIG

Do you know Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a new form of fundraising your good ideas and projects. All this will be possible by using your personal network, friends, family and other related to raise money for your projects. The way you raise money, is by offering selected items from your project – let people buy them, and […]

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Viel Sonne, viel blau Himmel!

Back at the office in Aarhus we are getting an overview over our recent trip to Berlin and Hamburg. We had three days to go shop hunting in the streets of Berlin and two days in Hamburg.

The sun was shinning and we were full of energy!




We started in the beautiful Prenzlauer Berg at Kastanienallee. Before we […]

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