“Ude godt, men hjemme bedst” is a Danish saying and means that even though traveling is beautiful, the best thing is to come home to friends and life.  We had a blast in Tokyo and learned a lot about the Japanese culture. Japan was a big experience for both of us, both business wise and personally and we would definitely like to go back one day.

Japan is so different from Denmark. Tokyo is the biggest city in the world which is really hard to imagine. When you walk around Tokyo there are people everywhere and every street is filled up with colors and glitter! We saw a lot of things that characterise the Japanese culture amongst them art and fun shows  😍🍣✨

The business delegation was exciting as well. We met many people from other Danish businesses and had a good talk with Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary. She is a lovely person!

We landed in Denmark last week and we have both been struggling with jetlag ever since. It’s getting better though. 

Below you can see a video from our trip. Enjoy ✌🏻🌸