Witches are wise women who live in harmony with nature and cultivate their gods and goddesses. Witches are practitioners of an ancient tradition that humans are directly linked to the cycle of the earth. Witches celebrate eight festivals a year, called the Sabbaths. Sabbaths mark the turn of the year and tell stories about nature’s changing circuit and the Goddess and the God who are worshiped as opposites. The philosophy is akin to the Taoist concept of yin and yang which is, the symbol for all things inherent duality. Witches also celebrate the full moon, as a symbol of the goddess. The moon is associated with the feminine as the moon and woman’s cycle maintain the same period of time. They believe in magic that can be handled through witchcraft and sorcery and aim to heal, create love and fertility or to banish negativity. The purpose of magic is to create change in the universe.

Witches fascinates because they possess magical powers and a strong sexuality and attraction. The witch figure is a powerful image on this double type of woman who holds a strong sexuality and can take care of her self. Their philosophy of life is about living in harmony with the earth’s cycle, using the knowledge and wisdom and to praise life. Witchcraft is about the way we perceive the world and according to their beliefs the individual has a very big responsibility for her own life.