As we announced last week we are lucky to be nominated for the Salling Fashion Award 2017 (read the post here), which will be held on Friday, May 5th. Until today it has been unknown who we are opposed to but today it was finally announced. We have been very excited and we must say it’s a strong field we are up against.

The nominated are:
H20, Leon Louis, Lakor, Rodtnes Bags, AGURK, Nature and NORR.

We are very honoured to be on the list with these cool candidates! All the nominees have reached really far and struggled to be where they are today so it’s so well deserved!!

You can read about the different brands here:
H20 // Leon Louis // Lakor // Rodtnes Bags // Nature // NORR


It’s really getting excited and we are really looking forward to knowing if AGURK is the lucky winner. Regardless, we are looking forward to a fun and exciting event on Friday, which is undoubtedly filled with inspiration, networking and sweet people.
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Have a nice sunny Monday!