agurk_logoAGURK stands for innovative, creative and sustainable fashion.
AGURK is a Danish fashion brand that creates feminine streetwear inspired by 80s vintage sports clothing. It is all about experimenting with design, materials and colours – all mixed in prints, patchwork and new silhouettes. The company name was chosen because it refers to the feeling designers have when creating – going bananas in the approach to fashion. AGURK’s intention is to encourage and inspire women to feel the same way. The design universe is humorous and down to earth, as the collections contain stories interpreted in prints as well as casual elegance shown in a love of white shading colours. Founders are opened in the design process and love to share what it means to be a designer in a young fashion brand.


The Danish designer, entrepreneur and business woman behind the lifestyle brand ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK has invested in the young, feminine street wear brand AGURK. Ilse Jacobsen is an investor and mentor in the TV show ‘Løvens Hule’ (The Dragon’s Den). In 2016 she invested in AGURK, when the design duo Vibbe and Kuus entered the TV show looking for an investor. Ilse Jacobsen is the founder of the lifestyle company ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK which encompasses the fashion brand ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK, the flower shops BLOMSTEN by ILSE JACOBSEN, the luxurious spa KURBADET by ILSE JACOBSEN and the award winning spa- and beauty products ILSE by ILSE JACOBSEN.
Ilse Jacobsen is a board member of the Danish Growth Fund and has a heart that beats for entrepreneurship


AGURK is well-aware of the environmental and social challenges of the 21st century. The task to be sustainable is not easy, but the brand aims high and takes small-but-important steps, to get closer to the goal of the minimal ecological footprint. AGURK takes a green approach in the design stage as well as in production and supply stage – by using GOTS organic certified cotton jersey as one of the main materials minimal and delivering apparel of high quality. AGURK has furthermore included sustainable choices in their design process that support sustainability and slow fashion. They work to prolong the use of every style by designing their collections with inspiration from cultural or historical events from Denmark. This means that they don’t do collections based on trends, since trends are the reason for fast fashion. By doing collections based on histories the clothes don’t suit a specific season and can be worn all year round for several years. Another initiative from AGURK is to design reversible styles, which gives two expressions and therefore two possibilities. This also means that the longevity of the style exists for a longer time period. In addition to this AGURK is aware that the longer the transport the more pollution, that’s why all of their production takes place in Europe. They have visited the production places many times, to get to know the workers and to make sure the workers are treated well. When buying clothes from AGURK you can be certain that the clothes are produced with sustainability in mind and that the designers makes decisions based on their ethic values.


Vibbe and Camilla are the designers behind AGURK. They are based in Aarhus where they work in a creative design studio generating two annual collections.

Vibbe and Camilla met at the Danish Design School TEKO where they studied fashion design for three years. Vibbe established a strong aesthetic sense for designing graphic prints. At the same time Camilla was driven by a conceptual development of fashion line-ups in an experimental way. They are both fond of the use of colours and the aesthetics in combining colours and prints, despite the fact that the designers are surrounded by a minimalistic design history in Scandinavia. Through their individual work and design philosophy they created a common design universe by the name AGURK, combining their projects and enthusiasm in a kitsch 80s inspiration.

AGURK was founded in 2014 after three years of friendship and collaboration between the two designers. Now Vibbe and Camilla are partners – the founders, enthusiasts and lovers of AGURK.